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Other Services

Housing Law

Our Housing Law department can help you with
  • Defending possession proceedings
  • Stopping evictions
  • Taking your landlord to court for disrepair
  • Stopping unlawful eviction
  • Defending anti-social behaviour injunction applications
  • Challenging decisions on a homeless application
  • Challenging a council’s failure to house you when homeless
  • Challenging the suitability of temporary accommodation provided to you

Employment Law

Our Employment law department can help you at various stages of your employment:
Before you start your job

We can help you negotiate and review your employment contract, as well as advise on restrictive covenants.

Disputes while employed

Including disciplinary and grievance issues. Our team can advise on bullying, harassment, discrimination and family-friendly rights.

Issues with leaving

If your employer has unfairly dismissed you, forced you out, or made you redundant, we can help you negotiate a suitable settlement agreement and severance package.

Issues post-termination

Your employment contract and other documents may contain restrictions on your future activity. We can advise on whether these restrictions are enforceable, or defend you if a breach of contract claim is made.

Our Services

About our fees

Consultation Fee is £120 (including VAT chargeable at 20%). Consultation is for 30 minutes duration. If you proceed to instruct us then the consultation fee will count towards your total fee. Read more…

A Solicitor or Fee Earner at the firm will have day-to-day handling of your case. The Supervisor with day-to-day conduct of your matter and responsible for your case will be Mr. Kofi Aduku who is a Solicitor and Director of Adukus Solicitors.