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Conditional Fee Agreements

In Personal Injury and Civil litigation matters, we may use a conditional fee agreement (CFA)/damages -based agreement (DBA). This type of agreement is commonly known as “No Win No Fee”. We will assess the viability of your case before agreeing to accept it. This means that if you win the case you will be charged at the end of the matter plus success fee on occasion from your compensation. We may request that you pay disbursements upfront. However, agreements are negotiated at inception. Mostly we put forth our model CFA. A Solicitor or Fee Earner at the firm will have day-to-day handling of your case. The Supervisor with day-to-day conduct of your matter and responsible for your case will be Mr. Kofi Aduku who is a Solicitor and Director of Adukus Solicitors.

Please be advised that if you are not successful in your claim, although you may not have to pay us our legal fees, you may have to pay the cost of the other party in the proceedings.

We provide a comprehensive service for advice and representation in all areas of UK nationality and immigration.
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We provide you with comprehensive Family Law advice for what can be complex and stressful issues.
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Adukus Solicitors can help when problems occur which you cannot resolve without legal expertise.
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